Michael Rivers

editor, camera-op, writer, producer at Sun Mountain Films 
In delivering the producers vision I create thought provoking, funny and entertaining television. Great programming - on time, every time. In a career spanning over two decades, I've edited hundreds of hours of TV, much of it "day of air" news and unscripted reality shows on extremely tight deadlines. In 2016
I founded Sun Mountain Films to offer clients full service production and post at the quality and level I've delivered to the networks below. I love collaborating and coming up with creative ideas that keep viewers hooked.

In recent years most of my work has been unscripted reality with an emphasis on the automobile. Who doesn't love cars? They're engineering marvels. These particular clips aired on TLC, SPEED and the Travel Channel and represent just a fraction of the original programming I've cut.

This clip is a scene from Pikadon, a short film I wrote and directed. It stars Gedde Watanabe (Sixteen Candles and Gung Ho) and Ron Orbach (Clueless). Shot and edited in 16mm for cinema projection.

Sun Mountain Films offers 2D and 3D animation. Maps and graphics that will add value to any production.

I co-produced, edited and shot "The John Searl Story," a documentary about British inventor John Searl. He claims to have built a free-energy machine that went anti-gravity and was confiscated by the USAF. An incredible story!